Fabulous Wedding Dresses And Places

The Most Luxurious Wedding Venues In The World

1. Oberoi Udaivilas (Udaipur, India)

The resort sits on a a beautiful slab of white marbel; it stretches over 50 acres in Udaipur, India. With Rajasthan as the inspiration for the architecture, it’s considered the best hotel and resort in the world. When you see it, you’ll agree. Not only does it accommodate some of the best services (i.e. spas, pools, food, services,…), it has an extravagant scenery which surrounds it. It offers a host of activities including a camel and an elephant ride. While it may not host a wedding ceremony, it will honor the reception. The Oberoi is spacious enough with 3 restaurants, 2 heated pools and a gorgeous spa. There’s plenty of space for that perfect dreamlike wedding reception. With more than “450 stone built columns”, the domes are created in gold leaf. You’re wedding guests will love the views of the Lake Pichola; perfect for the wedding pictures.



Places You Should Never Get Married

People are used to hearing about the best wedding venues. If they really want to make sure that their special days are special for the right reasons, they should also think about the worst wedding venues. Many people could tell prospective newlyweds all about the bad weddings that they’ve had, and they can serve as cautionary tales for the newly married people of later generations.

1. Behind a Shotgun

Obviously, getting married behind an actual shotgun is pretty bad, too, but the expression ‘shotgun marriage‘ has a different and less literal meaning. People often had shotgun marriages in order to avoid producing a child out of wedlock, or for financial reasons. Shotgun marriages were miserable even if they did manage to last in almost all cases. People who rush into marriage are going to end up marrying the wrong person in most cases. Shotgun marriages often occurred between people who were very young, and very young people are still forming their identities. They can change and their partners can change, making the foundation of the marriage different. Shotgun marriages are sad relics of the 1950’s, and they should stay that way.



Preparing To Try On Bridal Gowns

Is it that time in your life when you finally want to commit to your partner in Holy Matrimony? Well, an excellent suggestion for you at such a point in time as a lady would be to consider some of the following tips to ensure that your experience is not only hassle-free but is also smooth enough to suit your unique marriage preparation needs. While trying on a new bridal gown might seem like a simple task, it does require some sufficient preparation and insight ahead of time to ensure that all goes well.

Tips to Consider:

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